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I took a fantastic reflexology class over the weekend with Bill Flocco, Director of the American Academy of Reflexology. I learned a lot more about working on ears and hands, as well as guidelines for integrating that work with what I already know about working on the feet.

I’m inspired to start sharing periodic reflexology self-help techniques on this blog. Please keep in mind that I’m just passing on a few of my learnings. I am by no means a reflexology expert, at least not yet. I’m also not making any claims that reflexology can cure anything. Many people have reported a wide range of benefits and there’s a growing body of research evidence, but reflexologists aren’t doctors and can’t “treat” specific illnesses.

Hopefully my hiney is now adequately covered, so first up is the allergy point on the ears. If you’ve been suffering like I have with seasonal mold and pollen or with other types of allergies, you might want to give this a try.

Allergy point is in the groove at the top of both ears. If you come up under the fold with your thumb and come down on top with your forefinger, you can use the tips of the two to get specific pressure on the point. The location of the point will be slightly different on every person, so feel around. If you have allergies, the right spot is likely to feel tender.

allergy point on the ears

You don’t have to squeeze really hard. The ears are very sensitive. Try for a firm even pressure that you can hold without strain on your hands. Rest your elbows in your lap or on something in front of you, and hold for at least a few minutes.

Bill told us a story about a woman who had severe cat allergies. She had four cats she loved and it broke her heart to consider giving them away. Bill advised her to hold her allergy points for 15 minutes, 4 times a day. A week later she reported 75% reduction in her symptoms. [Note: The story is a little different here on Bill’s website—better results with less time holding the points.]

The gist is that a lot of people with allergies have experienced good results with reflexology. A thorough professional session can also address sinuses, adrenals, and any symptomatic areas through reflexes on the feet, hands, and ears.

I’m planning to get some kind of ear cuffs and see what happens if I wear them daily on those points.

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  1. Yeah, I still haven’t done that. I haven’t had any time for shopping, but I think I’m going to try making custom cuffs with some silver wire I have and maybe a few beads. I’ll definitely report back when I get around to it.

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