today's link mix

Perhaps you are like me and already have difficulty keeping up with your daily firehose of feeds, links, and emails, but just in case you want a little more of my blather, I’m working on adding a section of quick links to this page.

However today has been a busy day for me and my brand new baby blog, and I have a livelihood to feed. You’ll have to wait another day or two before random linky treats begin populating the left hand column of this page.

In the meantime, here ya go:

5 thoughts on “today's link mix

  1. Man, those Stardust photos made me all quivery. The cast is amazing. You are the queen, both for introducing me to the book, but also for pointing me to the movie!


  2. Aww.. shucks.. no biggie.

    I’m hoping for the best even though it does seem like kind of an All-Star Major Hollywood Production. Guess I’m just cynical about whether that can still equate to a really good film these days.

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