not an epitaph

All words and no pictures make a blog boring. So, here ya go. Me in May 2003 doing my signature nose-scrunch as I await preparation of the Best Salad I’ve Ever Eaten.

me in seattle's gravity bar, may 2003
(photo by yelahneb)

When we were doing the tourist thing on our first trip to Seattle, Gravity Bar on Broadway was near the top of our restaurant list. But we left it to our last night and arrived late, just as they were shutting down. Thankfully, they were kind enough to make us salads to go. I couldn’t tell you what was in my salad, but I remember it being unbelievably good. Perhaps that can be attributed in part to the fact that we ate back at the hotel room while enjoying a final soak in the enormous clawfoot tub (#1 reason to stay at the Moore).

Imagine how bummed we were to move here and learn that Gravity Bar had closed. Although, according to Randy S. on Yelp!, there’s still some hope that it will re-open? Oh please! I never even got to try the RV1.

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