link roll – woot!

Perhaps you’re reading this blog through a feed reader. Or perhaps your eyes are glued to these riveting posts I’ve been writing. If for these or any other reasons you have not yet noticed the link roll I’ve added in the left-hand column, I hereby point it out to you as evidence that in spite of my monumental laziness, I sometimes keep my promises. Since I’m posting the links through de.lici.ous, they have a separate feed.

(Those of you who have been encouraging me to get on de.lici.ous are warned not to get too excited. I’ve only added a handful of links so far, and I can’t guarantee that I’ll use it for much else beyond simplifying my link roll on this blog.)

2 thoughts on “link roll – woot!

  1. “I was seriously considered.” Those were the first words of the Britney/henna item on my link roll until a moment ago.

    Let this be a lesson on the dangers of over-editing.

  2. Yay! She caves into brainwashing!

    Now, for the next phase, you can check your page and (as long as you’re logged in) see the “links for you” thing. You should show at least one item from me. (A bit of radfem humor. Trust me, it’s funny.)

    Woot, indeed.

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