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me looking very excited about cupcakesIn his comment on my last post, Andreas offered an encouraging kick in my vegan behind. I will indeed be providing “yummy vegan recipes” on this blog, but you’ll have to wait a little while for original recipes. At least half of my cooking is improvised. Sometimes I come up with tasty things, but I’m dreadful about keeping track of what I throw in the pot. I plan to take notes the next few times I cook and get back to you.

For now, you can sink your teeth into two of my all-time favorite lazy cook recipes:

  • Superfast one-pot Sesame Kale Soba
  • The only chocolate cake recipe you’ll ever need – perfect for cupcakes! (I like to undercook them so they’re even more moist and fudgy, but you’ll probably be more sensible.)

4 thoughts on “lazy vegan

  1. Cupcakes pictured were eaten ecstatically by ambivores Cerise and Ramon, who went into transports (literally) of delight. Thanks very kindly for the recipe, my dear, but please don’t let me having it keep you from making those damned things every time you come over. Moist isn’t the word…


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