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Can you fall in love with a voice? For years I’ve had a crush on Ira Glass, host of NPR’s This American Life. He’s a smart, sexy, deadpan funny radio god with a talent for surrounding himself with others of his ilk. And soon he and a peripatetic desk (each week he hosts in front of a new scenic landscape) will be on TV. Watch the preview here.

March 22 is the big day for those of you who have Showtime. The rest of us will have to wait a while. The TAL FAQ says they’re “hoping that the series will become available at some point on DVD or online for fans of the radio show who don’t get Showtime, but there’s no word about that yet.”

I sure hope they go with the online option. I know you can’t expect public radio accessibility from a cable-produced show, but I adore the way TAL currently shares their shows. You can get a free podcast, download an episode for free within 7 days of broadcast, stream any episode in the archives for free, download archives cheaply, or buy an archived episode in classy Chris Ware designed CD packaging. So flexible for internet fiends like me.

Also, Ira and his crew will be filming at Seattle’s Paramount theatre March 7. Tickets are currently sold out, but “seats may be available closer to the event.”

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