sushi madness

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Sweetie and I have a Valentine’s Day tradition. The G-rated part of that tradition involves eating large amounts of takeout veggie sushi. Back in Richmond, we acquired said sushi from our beloved Sticky Rice. Here in Seattle, in spite of all the amazing vegan choices, we have yet to find a sushi restaurant that caters to vegans. Sure, you can always get the cucumber or avocado roll and cross your fingers that no fishy bits slipped in, but there’s nothing like the choices we used to enjoy.

This totally messed up our tradition last year. We went to Cafe Flora, which was wonderful, and heck, Sarah Kramer herself had V-day dinner there this year. But for us this year sushi was mandatory.

Serendipitously, I came across a link on Eco-Chick to this video of the Hippy Gourmet preparing sushi. He makes it look easy, and we made it even easier on ourselves by purchasing prepared sushi rice at Uwajimaya. Thus, our celebration last night (sweetie was sick on V-day) went gloriously. Witness the enormous quantities of homemade, unbelievably delicious, 100% vegan sushi in sweetie’s new flickr set!

9 thoughts on “sushi madness

  1. Gwen, are you sure you’re old enough for sushi? ;)

    You probably just miss the giant buckets ‘o tater tots.

  2. We just ate at Sticky Rice tonight!

    I come by way of your friend Julie who regularly plugs both of your blogs. I’ve added you to my RSS reads on livejournal.


  3. sorry to bother again, but upon further investigation that you and I actually share a host as well as blog scripting! that just struck me as nifty. and since I’m here, I’ll add that we eat the bucket o’ tots once a year, on my boyfriend’s birthday. We are REALLY looking forward to it this year!

  4. Your self-control impresses me. Personally I have a dangerous weakness when it comes to fried potato products, particularly those served in a bucket at Sticky Rice. I can’t even imagine limiting myself to a yearly indulgence.

  5. lol well, honestly, since we don’t have the control to not eat animal (although we’ve really cut back. the boyfriend only eats seafood and turkey, i only eat seafood), we’ve been trying mostly to cut out anything fried, all fast food, most prepared foods. it’s been tough, but all of the vegan goodies at Ellwood’s really help! I’m convinced that nothing vegan can be fattening.

  6. Your sushi adventures are very, very inspiring. So, where’s the sex blog where you tell us about the rest of the V-Day activities?

    Just kidding.


  7. Sheesh, the last thing I need is another thing to write about it! I can barely make time to have sex as it is.

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