recycled flowers

I love flowers. I’ve been known to send them, and I’m always thrilled to receive them. But I’m feeling the need to clean up my act this year.

I’ve been reading up on various enviro-blogs. (They get a bit preachy on this subject in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.)  Basically, between the enormous quantities of toxic pesticides used in flower farming and the long distances most flowers travel in gas-guzzling vehicles, those $9.99/dozen roses just aren’t worth the weight on my conscience. Organic flowers look better, smell better, and are exponentially kinder to mama earth. Unfortunately, they cost a fortune.

If you’ve got a fortune to spend, by all means spend it here or here or at your local organic market.

Me and sweetie don’t have a fortune at the moment, but since he was sick on Valentine’s Day and he had a disappointing job interview, I decided to take matters into my own hands by making these:

newspaper and fabric scrap flowers

Not my best work, but they’ve got a certain kindergartenesque charm, dontcha think? The only non-recycled element is the pipecleaners. Otherwise it’s just newspaper and fabric scraps.

9 thoughts on “recycled flowers

  1. Woot! I get thirdsies on commenting here after Mr. WordPress and admin?

    Great page you’ve got going… are you going to migrate over your old Blogger posts or start afresh?

    Mmmmwah and welcome to your new digs.

    Love – V.

    P.S. Love the URI.

  2. Hi V – Welcome!

    Everybody I’m linking to is going to come check this out now, and I still haven’t figured out to make the comments look right!

    I may pull oversome old stuff, but I’m wanting to start fresh and be a little more … well, not exactly ‘professional’ but maybe less sloppy this time around.

    You’ve been using WordPress for a while, so if you have any suggestions LMK!

  3. The flowers are lovely.

    Off-topic in a way, but it reminded me of when Jeff used to get me flowers when we lived on Vine Street in the Fan. The flowers would die and then instead of throwing them out, I’d toss them into the alley behind the place, where there was all sorts of accumulated garbage. We called it “The Alley Beautification Project” on the theory that even the addition of dead flowers made it a more cheerful site.

    Love makes people do weird things, y’know?

  4. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha HA!

    Yes, strange things, indeed.

    (And yes, I’d seen it before, but it’s one of those pictures that’s always as gut-clenchingly hilarious as the first time around.)

    (So: Don’t. Stop. Linking. On. My. Account.)

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