first-wave owlophile

i actually took this picture myself!

This is Owlie. He’s 31 years old, just like me. He was my first and favorite stuffed animal, and my love for him inspired my family to give me many years of owl-themed gifts. Somewhere in my parents’ attic, basement, or barn there are several boxes full of macrame, ceramic, and fabric owls that rival these delightful finds.

All this is to say that, in spite of a brief early high school attempt to get away from the “owl thing” and switch my loyalty to elephants, I was into owls way before they became the hottest DIY-hipster fad. I was on the owl bandwagon back in the 70s, the first time they were cool!

I’m working on a couple owl-themed crafty projects right now, but I have nothing to show you yet. So, here are some inspirational owl crafts and creations I’ve noticed in the past few months:

If you really want to go crazy, check out 89 pages of owl fabulousness on Etsy. (Elephants only get 50 pages, but cats win out with over 300 pages – somewhat inflated by the prevalence of “cats eye” items.)

5 thoughts on “first-wave owlophile

  1. Those are so cute! I especially love the picture inside the sole, the lining fabric, of the three owls sitting in a tree.

    I’m trying to figure out if they’re vegan – some Keds are. It sounds like they are, but the picture’s too small for me to make out an “all manmade materials” label.

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