cold comfort

tissue to-go cupIn spite of the echinacea and vitamin C I’ve been consuming enthusiastically since the first throat tickle, I seem to have caught a cold. To ease my sniffly transit around the apartment, I made myself one of these handy tissue to-go cups. To make myself feel better, I prettified it with ribbon scraps and an RCRG sticker. The whole thing took less than 10 minutes.

Next time I’ll use a bigger cup so there’s room to put a rock or something in the bottom of the cup. It works great, but it’s so light that the whole thing lifts up every time I yank out a tissue.

(Thanks to sweetie for being my photographer and hand model.)

3 thoughts on “cold comfort

  1. Thanks Julie!

    I just wish I didn’t use so many tissues. It’s not very environmentally sound, but until I get my allergies under control (and get over this cold), I don’t really see an alternative.

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