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Embracing Hope by Marta Sanchez

This painting by Marta Sanchez is part of an exhibit opening next week in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Art of Surviving collection is “an important opportunity for survivors of sexual violence to tell their stories and experience healing publicly through artistic expression and written narrative.”

I’m so impressed by this project, which is being coordinated by a long-time friend of mine through my former employer, the Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance. Y’all east-coasters can go have a look at at your leisure between March 2 and April 30. More information here.

In other “art of surviving” news, I went to see a powerful film today. Seattle’s CARA (Communities Against Rape and Abuse) coordinated a screening of NO!, an amazing documentary about sexual violence in the African-American community. The filmmaker, Aishah Shahidah Simmons, was there and the discussion afterwards was thought-provoking and heartfelt. I also had an experience on my way home that I’ll probably write about, but it needs a little more time to settle in my mind.

3 thoughts on “art of surviving

  1. You’re so sweet! I’m fine, thanks.

    It really is a beautiful painting, isn’t it? I’m a bit reluctant to make another post and push it down the page.

  2. Thanks for showing this – I’ve forwarded it to some survivor/activist friends of mine. It is a breathtakingly beautiful painting. I especially love the super-sleek, beautiful woman with mysteries in her eyes with the pretty pretty wings in the back.


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